Nostril Hair Extensions Are The Latest Beauty Trend – Will You Follow It?

The fashion trends are really getting interesting as the days pass by. As a matter of fact, the latest one is the special brand of nose hair extensions. Women are attaching these things to themselves and posing for Instagram shots wherein they show them off all over the wire.



Instagram is a platform that has been the home of new trends and unusual statements. The latest trend is certainly showing up on Instagram all over the world. It’s a rather bizarre trend seeing that this civilization has taught us to remove all of our body hair after seeing it.

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Moreover, people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to maintain their bodies smooth with zero traces of hair. But then, seeing this trend it can be assumed that one’s natural body hair is in now okay again. Society stated that it’s okay to have it. In fact, not only that but nostril extensions is the new trend.


Nostril Extensions?

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Yes, that’s right! Nostril extensions are trendy. The whole thing begins with somebody fiddling around with fake eyelashes. That person was just bored and discovered that fake eyelashes could make some certainly great fake nostril hairs. The person did it, and it triggered a trend of women doing it all over the social media websites. Just wow!


The Body Hair Movement


Moreover, this nostril extension trend is not the first hair-based trend that popped up. Body hair like armpit and leg hair on women is now starting to be the “in” thing. As a matter of fact, Paris Jackson thought it was so cool that she showed hers off. Her fans, of course, trailed suit. Now, a lot of women are allowing their hair to grow in different parts of their bodies.

So, what can you say about this nostril extension trend? Will you follow it? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! Also, don’t forget to share this article with all the people you know for them to become aware of the latest trend!

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