Passenger Farted So Bad During Flight Causing An Emergency Landing

A routine flight heading to the Netherlands turned into an experience the passengers won’t forget. The airplane left Dubai on route to Amsterdam Schiphol but had to make an emergency landing in Vienna because of a particularly strong farting passenger that triggered a fist fight.



The suffering started when an elderly gentleman started farting. The two guys that were next to him expressed their displeasure, but the man continued passing the gas anyway. The moment it was clear that their protests were going to go unanswered, they called over a Transavia flight attendant to help resolve the problem.

In spite of calling the flight attendants, nothing was done. With that, the man continued farting. The men supposed they were going to have to agonize through the scent of poop during the course of the flight.

In that scenario, they got pissed and did what numerous men do when forced against a rock and a hard place with no conceivable escape: they utilized their fists.

Despite numerous warnings from the pilots and flight crew, the civil fighting continued. Left with no other choice, the pilots redirected to Vienna for an emergency landing. The police officers and dogs were there to meet the uncontrollable passengers. But this is where things got even more problematic.

Four of the passengers were asked to deplane; two of them were the male seatmates of the farting passenger, and the other two were sisters of Dutch and Moroccan descent.


The sisters are now charging the airline for discernment and poor service. According to Nora Lacchab, who is one of the sisters, their only crime was sitting in the same row as the resentful men involved in the fistfight. She upholds that they had nothing to do with the turmoil or whatsoever.


The 25-year-old law student remembers the trouble as being one of discontent, surprise, and disgrace. She has faith that the flight attendants could have a fixed notion that Moroccans are agitators, hence the preconception.

She also has confidence that the flight attendants made the condition worse and intends to take the case to court. Ultimately, the four passengers were released from Austrian custody without any charges, but all have been forbidden from Transavia Airlines by the company.

Notwithstanding the sisters’ persistence that they took no part in the fight, the company states that the women also debated with the farting passenger.

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