Wrapped Ginger Can Cure Bad Coughs And Eliminate Mucus From Your Lungs In Just One Night

A persistent cough is capable of ruining your day, and your night. It can take away your attention from more pressing complications or it can prevent you from enjoying the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem and that is the wrapped ginger. It can remove the mucus from your lungs in just one night and it can also cure a bad cough. It is also worth mentioning that the ginger wrap has no negative effects, but should be prepared cautiously, most especially for children since their skin is more sensitive.


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For a young child, whose immune system might be underdeveloped, a persistent cough could possibly lead to more severe illness. To treat a persistent cough, a physician would perhaps prescribe a cough syrup, deprived of mentioning the potential accompanying side effects and long-lasting complications of such pharmaceutical solutions.

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Two ingredients namely: dextromethorphan and codeine are usually found in over-the-counter cough medications which can cause headaches, sleeplessness or even migraines. Luckily, an alternative to the usual cough medicines prescribed by physicians exists. Also, its ingredients can be found more commonly in one’s food closet than the medicine cabinet.


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Carefully combine raw honey, olive oil, flour and 1 tablespoon of fresh or powdered ginger. Apply this mixture to a napkin or cloth, around which you then wrap using a strip of gauze.


You then can put on the patch to your chest or back using an adhesive tape. Adults can leave the patch on overnight, but you must be aware that doing so can cause extreme sweating.


For children, the patch should only be applied for up to three hours before bedtime. As what mentioned above the ginger wrap has no negative effects, but it should be prepared carefully since the children have more sensitive skin.


One parent’s story exemplifies the effectiveness of the ginger wrap:


Mary’s young daughter, Sophia is always coughing at night, typically several hours before bedtime. After using the ginger wrap with Sophia, Mary distinguished that a cough, as well as escorting congestion, vanished in just several hours. The ginger and honey have been employed as effective remedies for wide-ranging ailments for a long period of time.

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