In Case You Notice A Sock On A Car Dashboard During This, Here’s What It Means

The moment it gets cold outside, you can’t just get into your car and lift-off down the road. Frequently, you have to warm up your car with defrost on blast just to be capable of seeing out your windows. This can consume a significant amount of time. Nevertheless, this can be circumvented with just a simple and easy trick.


To begin with, you’ll need a sock that doesn’t have any holes together with some cat litter. Try to get odorless cat litter so your car doesn’t smell like cat litter! Fill up the sock with the litter and tape to close it. This is the reason why tube socks are perfect as you could tie it shut if the sock is sufficiently long.

The moment you’re done with this, all you have to do is to place it on your dashboard the moment you park. You could also place one in the back window as well to avoid your back window from icing up.


How does this simple trick work?

The cat litter is great for absorbing moisture. In case you’re a cat owner, you perhaps already know this already. Condensation is what occurs when moisture gets stuck in the air inside your car. The litter clutches onto this moisture in the air before it settles down on the window. The sock is there to avoid the cat litter from getting all over the place.

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Condensation is particularly bad in the colder months of the year since the temperature inside the vehicle is higher compared outside. For instance, on a hot summer day, condensation has the similar effect on a cold glass of water. The condensation forms on the outside of the glass since the outside air is warmer than the inside portion of the glass.

This very simple trick can meaningfully lessen your time warming up your vehicle in the cold mornings. So, are you going to try it for yourself? Please let us know how it works for you in the comment section below! Also, if you have any other winter secrets you can also share it with us!

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