Do You Need Some Relaxation? Why Not Try This Snake Massage That Uses ACTUAL SNAKES?

During these days, it appears that there’s no scarcity in spa options. In fact, there’s this snake massage wherein real and live snakes slither over your body to help you, be relaxed. A snake priestess administers the snake activity; thus, you don’t have to worry about being totally constricted.


Snake Massage Your Worries Away

Frequently, when you shut your eyes and imagine a gang of snakes slithering over your body, you’re having some sort of a nightmare. This isn’t probably a surprise since around the world, snake phobia is considered to be one of the most common fears. Our natures and instinct can’t help but tell us to stay away from these predacious reptiles.

Now, maybe you’re asking why anybody would get a massage from a snake. In spite of extensive phobia, some beliefs and cultures have long connected to the snake with healing powers. As of today, some people still believe that there are health benefits to having a snake massage.

What Precisely Is A Snake Massage?

The moment you pay up your hard-earned cash to have a snake massage, a snake priestess will lay you down and lays non-venomous snakes on you. The snake priestess manages the snakes – typically three or four – as they glide over your body. When they are already tired of slithering all over you, the snakes can possibly wrap around your feet, arms, neck, and head. Essentially, what you’re getting is an exceptional sensory experience.

One snake priestess commended the aids of the snake massage, telling CBSNY how the snakes “tone and stimulate the vagus nerve,” releasing endorphins and oxytocin. The moment you leave your snake massage session, these feel-good hormones will enhance and improve the rest of your day. Additionally, snake massages are also thought to lessen anxiety, lower blood pressure, and enhance the circulation to your heart, lessening the overall possibility of heart disease.


From time to time people go in for a snake massage just to fight their fear of snakes as they find the experience empowering. Subsequently, the snake massage clientele refers to the experience as everything from being like a colossal hug to being tremendously calm and peaceful.


So, now that you already know the benefits of snake massage, would you try this out? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends for them to become aware of the benefits that snake massage offers.

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