Scientists Are Urging You Not To Make Your Bed Again – Learn Here Why!

For sure, almost all of us were taught to make our bed every morning by our mom and dad. This seemingly good habit was even passed on to our children, right? Of course, all of us wanted to feel like we’re sleeping in fresh linen each night and it is often a routine that makes us going for the rest of the day.

But then, researchers are now proposing that making your bed each morning is actually bad for you! Scroll down and learn r what these researchers found hiding under the mattress!


Don’t allow the bed bugs to bite you!

We frequently tell the young children to “not allow the bed bugs bite” when we’re tucking them into bed at night. As a matter of fact, this apparently innocent phrase might be nearer to the truth than we supposed.

The bed bugs and dust mites grow well in warm and moist spaces. When we get out of the bed in the morning, our beds still convey our remaining heat and it’s not unusual to have perspired throughout the night. By instantly covering the warm spot that your body left, you are innocently giving bed bugs and dust mites a place to create their home!


In case you’ve observed that you’re itching, coughing or wheezing much more than before, this may be due to the culprit! Dust mites are notorious for irritating warning sign of asthma and other allergies. But despite that, you don’t have to fear as we have explained what you can do as an alternative so that your bed will stay clean and fresh.



What should you do?

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You don’t have to worry because you don’t need to go running for a bug bomb each and every morning. The subsequent changes will make sure that your bed still looks tidy, and most importantly free from little critters:

When you toss your bed sheets to the side in the morning, let them remain there. Instead of covering over where you were lying, leave it uncovered to the elements so it can calm down.

You must open the curtains or blinds. Light is also a great preventive for nasty bugs and critters. Allow some natural light fall on your bed after you’ve got out of your bed.

You have to make your bed much later in the day. There’s nothing ending you from making your bed like your Mama taught you, it’s just significant that you allow the sheets cool off first!

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