Upon reading the title of this article, you may be asking if it’s true that women will do that. Even I can’t believe that women are putting that in their vaginas these days. But then, believe it or not, there are some women are rubbing crushed wasp nests in, on, and around their subtle little private parts.


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It is worth noting that the wasps are pretty gnarly creatures and they can and frequently do fly rapidly. Aside from that, these creatures are making huge nests out of apparently anything straight on the outside of our homes. Also, the buggers dwell in swarms and they frequently attack supposed enemies in groups.

Perhaps, you already experienced being stung by a wasp at least once? In case not, then you’re very lucky because their stings really hurt. Different from the bees, they don’t pass away after they sting. In fact, the wasps carry on in expanding their nests and looking for other people and animals to sting once more.

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For some indefinite reason, there were women who recently started sticking wasp nests into their vaginas. Yes, that’s right! This latest trend of foolishness and silliness includes placing crushed wasp nests into one’s own private part.

With that, in case you’re among of the one-half of the world who has a vagina, would you think through of putting wasp nests in your little and delicate flower? On the other hand, in case you’re a guy, would you allow your girlfriend get wasp nests in her private part? Sounds crazy, right?


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Furthermore, this trend isn’t a rumor, either. As a matter of fact, there are countless claims of suspected adult-rated use of oak galls that seem to be true. For some reference, oak galls are round balls on oak trees, which came from a species of wasp that is called the gall wasp.

They insert their larva into the leaf buds and then the larva secretes chemicals that cause the balls to puff out. Afterward, they eat the not-so-succulent oak puffy balls or whatsoever they call it.


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The Daily Mail already shared this horrible news with the world just a few days ago. The said wasp nests are capable of making the vaginas sting wherever their powder is smeared and it can even dry out the vaginal canal. Nevertheless, the vaginal oak gall application is said to function as a douche of sorts. It can heal scars and even active wounds from episiotomies, and it can even build back the uterus after the birth reaps mess on the bodies of the mothers.

Additionally, Popular Science has noted that this quasi-treatment won’t make vaginal canals tighter, which is what the rumor says.

So, would you consider smearing on some crushed wasp nest in and around your delicate little flower to reap the potential benefits? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section! Also, don’t forget to share this article with all the women you know to serve as a warning.

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