Thousands Of Americans Have Become Victims Of BBQ Wire Bristle Brush

What’s meant for friends and family to enjoy a grilled meal for fun could actually be dangerous. While everyone thought maintaining a barbeque grill could protect people from harm, a device used to clean it could threaten a person’s life.


What’s that device? A wire-bristle BBQ brush.

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In 2016, a six-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital after a loose wire bristle got stuck on his grilled hamburger, lodging into his throat.

It turns out this isn’t the only time it happened. A 2016 study by University of Missouri School of Medicine reported that nearly 1,700 injuries from bristle BBQ brushes occurred in U.S. emergency rooms since 2002.

Now, the case for wire bristle brushes has become a growing health concern.

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This is because the metal bristles on the brush could become loose after being used for a lot of times. When this happens, a loose bristle can get stuck on the grill while cleaning without us even noticing it.

This is how a thin bristle can easily stick into a raw meat when placed on the grill.

To prevent this from happening, inspect your brush before using it. Replace the brush when you see loose or worn down bristles immediately.

When having a new one, take good care of it by not leaving it outdoors to wear down faster. Also, after scrubbing, wipe the grill with a damp cloth to get rid of any loose bristles.

The best solution? You might as well just use a wooden scraper to clean your grill to get rid of all chances.

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