At The Age Of 33, Daughters Starts Turning Into Their Mothers

There is a point in our lives that we became angry with our parents and sworn that we’d never be what our parents were to us. But later on, we’ve found ourselves in the same situation and it is not something that can really be avoided.


There is new research that says that when women turn 33, that is the start that they turn into their own mothers, even those annoying habits that they said and promised they will not do when they have their own kids will start to show.

The trigger point of this is having kids. Within the first few years of giving birth to their first baby, daughters start having the same thoughts and attitudes just like their mother. It is according to the new study that was conducted by a Harley Street surgeon.

It makes sense when women start to become like their mother because the average age of women giving birth to the UK is 30.05 years. And for the fathers, the average age is 33.5 years.



There are so many women in the survey that admitted that they’re becoming more like their moms once they reached their early thirties. Some are thinking about how they rebel in their early lives.

Simple stuff like watching the same TV programs even having the same hobbies and using the same sayings are the warning signs. Even men are also starting to become like their fathers at the same age too.


According to Surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva’s survey, when he interviewed more than 2,000 men and women about morphing into our parents, he said that when we are turning just like our parent, it is something to celebrate about because becoming a parent is the main trigger even our lifestyle is very important.

His research makes us realized that we start and feel more like our parents as we age.First-time cosmetic surgery is coming down for both sexes because of this reason.

So don’t complain about your parents because you don’t know someday you might find yourself in the same shoes too..

Cover Photo Credit: 22words