Strikingly Similar, Princess Diana and Her Niece

Princess Diana’s death happens tragically died in a car crash in Paris 20 years ago last August. It is only been 36 years old at the time of her passing, Princess Diana cannot be forgotten by the people. She will be forever be remembered as a courageous champion from the world’s most vulnerable people. She sponsored numerous charities that focused on women’s rights and AIDS research, Diana was a modern-day-saint.


The world needs an injection of hope and goodwill and there comes Lady Kitty Spencer. She is the 28-year-old niece of Diana and she has a striking resemblance to the late princess. She got her aunt’s eyes, hair, and remarkable public confidence.

She got the title of Lady Kitty and was bestowed after her father, Charles Spencer, became the 9th Earl Spencer. He’s not just Diana’s brother but also Queen Elizabeth’s godson. Not just with the royal lineage and physical appearance, Kittie also does charity works.


Her major sponsor is the two British charities: Centrepoint and Give Us Time. Centrepoint helps homeless young people in the United Kingdom while Give Us Time are the ones who help military families reconnect by providing free vacations.

Even though Lady Kitty looks like Princess Diana, and she gets her love of giving and helping humanity, their personality is far from each other. During Princess Diana’s time in the monarchy, Diana was known to shun the media and is very shy and keep her private life personal.


Kitty is confident in sharing her life into the world. She is a social media star along with her friends. Britain’s upper-class social media stars that provide the public with a glimpse into the lifestyles of the nation’s richest citizens.

Kitty recently became a model and her exposure to the public got even bigger when she become working as a model. In this capacity, Kitty has already adorned the covers of numerous fashion magazines and has even been a runway model for Dolce & Gabbana, one of the world’s premier fashion designers.


Kitty does not just get good looks and impeccable fashion sense but also she is more than just a pretty face, having earned a master’s degree in luxury brand management from Regents University. Just like as she looks to a bright future in the fashion industry, Kitty in spite of that, fondly remembers her youth.

She was recently interviewed by the Vanity Pair and the young royal said her upbringing, her experienced and how she moved to Cape Town, South Africa when she was just five years old.


When it came to discussing her famous aunt, Kitty says that since she was so young when her aunt died, she just has a few memories of the celebrated princess. Even though she has a few memories of Princess Diana, Kitty says to the reporters that each and every one of those memories is so happy and very special to her.
Cover Photo Credit: Town And Country Magazine