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This Is A Simple Yet Complicated Riddle, How Many Holes Are In This Dress? Can You Guess It Correctly?


Many people love to be challenged by different riddles. It is a way for our brain to be exercised. Do you want to be challenged now? Then, Let’s do this puzzle.

The image below is a red dress that has holes in it. How many holes do you think this dress have? It is harder than you might think!

Looks easy right? But, think critically and challenge yourself about the question. What you think you see first is not the final answer.


Playing brain teasers are fun and it helps you sharpen your focus and keep your mind clear even as you get older. It is time to clear up the brain fog in your head and solve this riddle. Did you figure it out already? Just remember that it is tricky but not that hard.

Scroll down below for the answer.


There are two obvious holes but that is not just the final answer. Most people don’t realize that there are also holes for your head, arms, and your legs! And that makes it six holes.

Here is the catch: If you look at the holes in the dress, you can see completely, that means that there are also two holes at the back of the dress. So, the total is eight and the final answer is eight holes!


Is your guess right or not? If it isn’t, which holes did you miss? Comment down below and share this to your friends and family to see if they can also solve this tricky puzzle too!

Illustrated by: Germielyn Balondo