A Couple Who Raise Their So-Called “Theyby” Child Choose To Let The Child Decides His Own Gender Later In Life

There was a couple in Florida that is now the talk of the town because they announced that they will raise their baby gender neutral. They called their child as “Theyby”.


There are so many examples of gender norms that are surrounding us. For example, the toy aisle in a store. There are some people who try to combat these norms. One of those people is Ari Dennis. According to a local news station, WTSP, Ari leaves the space in the birth certificate of her child “unknown”.


The child in this story is Sparrow, who someday when grown up, can choose what identity they want to be later on in life. Sparrow has a sibling named Hazel and is already 7 years old. Hazel was not raised as “theyby” but identifies herself as a “demigirl” which means that she is just a part girl.


When it comes to her gender, hazel does not want everyone to use more neutral pronouns such as people using the word like they and them. Her classmates are usually respectful of her choice but Hazel said that sometimes, her classmates do her confused sometimes. They are still using she and her to Hazel but that does not mean that they are mean.

A close parenting group in Facebook called “Parenting Theybies” is active with 350 members at this time of publication. The group is dedicated to raising their child in the same manner as Ari. The group members want to raise their child as genderless children and don’t want to force their child to any type of gender. Many people will, of course, criticize her by her choice of raising Sparrow to be genderless. A lot of people are worrying that will grow to be confused about who they really are. But Ari said that one day, the baby will know who they are at the right time.

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It is not normal to raise a baby to choose their own gender but there are many people who are interested in making this choice when they have their own children. Soon, we will be seeing more stories like this soon.

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