According To A Study, Husbands Stresses Their Wives Twice As Much As Their Kids Do

Some mothers joke about how they see their husband as a second child. It is a joke but it is already common. Today held a survey about the amounts of stress that husbands produce. And according to it, almost half of many mothers feel this way. 7000 US mothers are questioned about this and 46 percent of this agrees and feels this way. Husbands are stressing their wives more than their children. And it is not even connected to cheating or abuse.


Married women are experiencing more stress than single women. Having a huge load of work, marriage and parenthood and the additional stress that their husbands give are causing wives to be more stressed out and they are more likely to experience fatigue, headaches, and even anger. The most stressful part of their huge load is parenting, especially if your husbands contribute to it.

In this article, you will know how husbands stress their wives and to avoid negative consequences like stress.


Husbands who act as an extra child – Until men are around 43 years old, they will behave like kids. It is not just seen in their frivolous attitude in some issues and in their behavior, but it is also how they interact with their children. One responder during this research says that “A 7 years old is going to be 7 years old, while a 35-year-old who acts like 7 years old is much more stressful because, at their age, they should know better.

Many times dads are the one having fun with their children. That is why a child thinks that fathers are perceived as a friend, a holiday and a companion with many fun ideas who allows everything. Issues related to their children upbringing, discipline, health, and education thinks that development is the major concerned. Mothers are the one who teaches their child about being disciplines, house chores, give them instructions and forbid many things things that is why Mothers seem to be the “bad cop”. Their relationship with their children is affected and it can also lead to conflict between the parents themselves.


Unity with decisions is better. If the mother forbids something to their child, then the father should also forbid and supports his wife decision. It is much better if both husband and wives agree on the permissions and prohibitions they impose on their children.



As for the daily care of children, it is much better if you equally share the responsibility of taking care of your children. Example of this is when a child is not able to join the swim team, choose vitamins and make an appointment with a doctor on their own but dad and mom can right? A husband can help ease the load of his wife. And mothers should stop focusing on their child’s mistakes and stop trying to control everything and join their children’s game with their husband.
It is overwhelming for a woman to do her household chores.

Study says that mothers who don’t get enough help from their husbands are the major reason for their stress. Mothers are the ones who spend more time on household chores while fathers spend more time to relax. Mother’s does not only do the dishes, cook and clean, but they are also the one who pays the bill, go grocery shopping and plans the budget. These can all be overwhelming especially if you are only the one that is doing it but mothers need to do it because these activities are very important.

Some people think that it is the easiest and most pleasant work but it is not. It stresses both parties more than office work because they feel more appreciated. Wives stress increases if she is only the one who is doing the household chores.




Husbands should help their wife is the answer to this. A successful marriage has linked to equally sharing the household responsibility.

Appreciating the efforts of one another is good for your marriage. Even if working without an income, it should be valuable. They will finish the chores faster if household chores are divided in half. And the time that you will save will be the time to spend with each other.

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A woman feels guilty and lacks free time

Wives may feel that they lack free time of the duties that she will do. Women are doing everything in the allotted 24 hours. They needed to rush everything especially if they work also full time. After they go to work, they will have responsibilities to do in the house.

When something goes wrong, women may feel guilty about it. Guilt is caused by stress.




A husband can help her with the responsibility of the whole family. They should discuss problems together to help them unite and solve problems together. Management skills are also very important.

Remember that stress can lead to divorce and have a negative effect on health. Creating less stress is important for your family.

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