Experts Claim That You Should Only Work For 3 Days A Week If You’re In Your 40s

It’s normal to work from nine to five but it is never been that good isn’t it? In 2016, there is a study about people in the age of 40 should only work for 3 days a week and 25 hours a week o have a good cognitive function. In this article, you will know where this idea came from. Do we overwork? Do we have to work less? Can we still change them?



We need to survive our society by working for 40 hours a week. Do we think that it is too much?

If you are still working 40 hours per week, and you are in your 40s, a recent study from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research suggests that people over 40s should only work for fewer hours a week and it is for a good reason. They involved 3500 women and 3000 men at the age of 40 and over. They monitor their reading of words aloud, reciting lists of numbers and matching letters and numbers in speed. The author of the test is Professor Colin Mckenzie that is held in Household Colin Labour Dynamics in Australia survey.

They found out that 30 hours of work a week is great for your brain, but what happens when you work for too much? Once you cross the limit of 30 hours a week, your performance is starting to get worse.

One of the most important in every stage of your life is brain stimulation, just like food nourishment, brain nourishment is crucial in your everyday life too. Give your brain some stimulation and you will have great benefits even when you get older. You can stimulate your brain by playing brain puzzles like Sudoku or crosswords. But be careful what kind of stimulation you give to your brain because overstimulation is dangerous for grey matter.



Three days a week of working is the best possible for folks over 40

As early as you age 40, Cognitive decline happens to folks who routinely worked for 60 plus hours a week. Too much of working hours hurt the way you think, attention and your memory. It starts in losing your ability to focus and remembering important things. This is what happens when you over stimulate your brain. According to the Melbourne Institute study, It proves that when you work for 55 to 60 hours per week, it may worsen cognitive function and impairment is worse than people that are unemployed or retired. Overachievers may have it worst. If you feel fatigued and stress, it is a sign that you should stop and call it a day.

It is still safe to work when you are over the 40s when they would consider working for only 30 hours a week. It is a great plan, isn’t it? Go on a holiday, relax and go on a limit of 30 working hours a week for you to have a healthy brain.

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