Oldest Child Is The Most Intelligent According To Science

They say that the wisest child in the family is the eldest. Do you agree with that? Are you the eldest and wisest or the youngest and rebellious? Scientist and the general public are fascinated by the birth position among siblings. Some say that personality traits are related to the positions of the siblings, but research proves that these don’t always fit in the frame.


According to a study done by the University of Leipzig, the first-born children score higher on IQ tests than their younger siblings. They conducted IQ tests and examined the effects of birth order among 20,000 people. They also analyzed the participants through empirical tests on intelligence, they include also the examination to know how neurotic, conscientious, extrovert, open, agreeable and imaginative the participants were. And when the results are compared to their birth positions, it is proven that first-born children are more intelligent than the youngest one.

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The differences in their IQ levels based on the study estimates a 1,5 drop in IQ points per sibling. But in a two-child family, the older one has 60% chance of a higher IQ and the remaining 40% is on the younger sibling which means that the younger still has a higher chance of beating the oldest one’s IQ.

According to another study that came from Dr. Julia Rohrer, the oldest have more attention that is not undivided and full parental attention and their parents are more energetic while others are left with only diluted resources of their parents. And also late-borns have to share from the beginning. For the second child, they relax but for the third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh and so on, they just tell, “Oh? Who are you? Oh, you are one of my children.”

Another factor is about the tutoring hypothesis. When you are the oldest, you are the one who teaches the youngest how the world works and many more. They said that when you teach other people, you will have high cognitive demands.


The eldest will have the need to recall what they have learned before, structure it and explain it to their siblings in a good way. And because of this, they are the one who looks after their siblings and designated in teaching their brothers and sisters. In that way, it can provide a boost to intelligence for some of the eldest children.

And if you are not the first-born in the family, you may be arguing about this and ask questions like “Why?” or “What?”. But the research says that first-born children are more likely to be breastfeed and because of that, they have more mental stimulation. And more mothers less likely to take risks of drinking alcohol and smoke than their first pregnancies.

Big company CEOs tend to be firstborn according to the survey of Del Jones for USA Today.

Here are examples of first-born children:

●David Ho
●Bill Clinton
●Ang Lee
●Taylor Swift
●Charles Schwab
●Hillary Clinton
●Sylvester Stallone
●Winston Churchill
●Emma Watson
●Steve Balmer
●Richard Branson
●J. K. Rowling
●Kate Middleton
●Oprah Winfrey


As for the middle children, you are not the first-born child so you never get the chance of having complete attention to your parents and you may have to compromise frequently and negotiate more. You may be in the phase of being the peacemaker because you are in between the oldest and the youngest. You sometimes feel that you don’t have a role in the family because you are not the oldest nor the baby in the family. You may be become closer to your friends because of the less attention to your parents and you may have larger social circles and sometimes be the rebellious one.

Here are some examples of middle folks:

●Katy Perry
●Princess Diana
●David Letterman
●Bill Gates
●Richard Nixon
●Jeremy Lin
●Abraham Lincoln
●Steven Chu
●Donald Trump
●Chris Hemsworth
●Jay Leno
●Kim Kardashian
●Anne Hathaway
●Barbara Walters
●Britney Spears
●Susan B. Anthony
●Judd Apatow
●Jennifer Lopez


And if you are an only child, you are considered the first-born but you have the full attention of your parents. This can make you be more successful and achievement-oriented later in life.

Here are some examples of only children.

●Joy Behar
●Natalie Portman
●Selena Gomez
●Jack Welch,
●Al Pacino
●Tiger Woods
●Gerald Ford
●Alicia Keys
●Alan Greenspan
●Ansel Adams

Do you believe in this theory? Especially Cover Photo Credit: Neighbor to Family
if you are not the first-born? And should it determine your career? Well, even though these studies are analyzed already, they can only suggest general trends and it can’t clearly confirm it. So be very careful about what you are going to say or about your conclusions about intelligence from these studies. It can be overlooking many complex factors and could affect relationships.