Life After Losing Our Parents – 10 Changes That Will Happen

Realizing that our parents are human beings too is not in our minds until it is too late. Even though the death of a parent is something that experienced and shared throughout human history, nothing compares to the pain of losing a parent. It doesn’t matter how old you are when you lose a parent and how close your relationship in your parent was, losing them is like losing a big part of your life. Before we know it, we are watching our superheroes turn into old people that we even don’t recognize. We are afraid to say a thing but we know that time will come that they won’t be here anymore.


Losing a parent especially if it happens suddenly and you don’t even get to say your last goodbye is very painful. You’ll wish you could turn back time and you would have said to your parents’ things they wanted to hear when they are still around.

To all those people reading this today and you already experienced losing your parent, you have our deepest sympathies and our sincere hope for your complete healing process, even if it takes too long. In this article, there is a list of helpful resources at the end for anyone who needs support coping with grief. And if you still have your parents, don’t wait until your parents are gone for you to appreciate them.

How Losing A Parent Changes You

●You’ll Realize How Much You Love Them- You’ll realize how deeply you love a person until they are not here anymore, that is the irony of losing someone. You’ll know what it feels like to use them. They are no longer here but they will always live on in you. When we lose our parents and we grow up, we change. We appreciate our kids more, and hopefully, the memories that we make will comfort them when the time comes.
●You Become More Anxious- It is hard to cope up with stress and you feel that you are overwhelmed even by ordinary responsibilities. You worry so much unlike before, especially about your health and that of your family. Research even shows that some people who lose their parent have a higher risk of having anxiety, depression and even using drugs.


●You Can’t Deal With People Complaining About Their Parents- Before, when other people’s negative remarks to their parents are being talked about, you just let it go, but now it irks you that people who complain about their parent’s quirks. Because if it is you, you would trade anything to get those times that you are with your parent. Those long voicemail, infamous recipes, and embarrassing nicknames again.
●You Can Feel Grief In Your Body- It feels like every cell in your body remembers the warm hug of your parent, you can get physically sick from grief. Men are more likely to experience dips in their health when they lose a parent.
●You, Will, Learn To Live With Sadness- You will never stop missing your parents and you will feel their absence more obvious in some days than others. But one day you’ll learn to embrace their absence. Good days, bad days will come along the way, but eventually, you will be able to move forward. However, if it doesn’t seem to let up sometime, then seeking medical help might be a good idea.



●Holidays Are Lonely And Have Changed- Holidays and special occasions can make you feel lonely, hollow and melancholy. But as time goes on, you’ll learn to create new memories and new meanings for those special holidays.
●You’ll Learn To Accept Their Flaws- When you are just a kid, you see your parents as superheroes and trusted them completely. But with maturity, you’ll realize that they are just ordinary people. No matter what your relationship with your parents was like, once they are gone sometimes you will find yourself in the same shoes in terms with their flaws and their mistakes. You’ll see them in a different way and you’ll forgive them the times they fell short.
●You Catch Yourself Trying To Call Them- One of the most heartbreaking feelings is when you message or call your parent to tell some good news or you are needing some advice is that you’ll realize that they won’t be on the other line to listen. You grieve over the moments you won’t be able to share with them.


●You’ll Feel Loss For The Grandchildren And Great-grandchildren They Never Met- the feeling of seeing your parent taking care of your children, holding them for the first time, family photos that you won’t get to take, holidays you’ll never spend together, lifetimes of unlived memories will flood in your brain and you’ll just feel very sad.
●Your Emotions Got Complicated- The feeling of sadness, guilt, anger, fear, relief, and numbness are examples of many complicated and often conflicting emotions.

Don’t be shy about your negative emotions. They are all part of healing in a healthy way.

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