Stay At Home Mom Is Much Harder Than It Looks

There is a new survey that revealed stay-at-home parenting is more stressful than parents who have a full-time job.

New parents realized that it is more difficult to stay with their child at home than parents who go to work. Sleepless nights, restless days, hangovers get worse and the pain of standing on LEGO with bare feet is pretty much unbearable.


Eating meals with just one hand, going into the bathroom with your kids, aching back are some of the things that you only become aware of after having children. However, the feeling of unconditional love for the first time is the best feeling ever. Even the smell of your baby will be the best smell in the world for you.

This is according to a nationwide survey for first-time parents and almost 31 percent agree with that they are having difficulties dealing with their lives at home than on work. While almost 55 percent of the participants say its “hard work” even if they have a solid foundation of support network. The other 20 percent genuinely believe that it is really difficult.


New moms (about 45 percent) say they cannot do things right or they couldn’t manage it without the help of Google and self-help book and the importance of the advice of their own mothers.

Even if you only have four hours of sleep, you can function with it. (37 percent) and never forget the changing bag (35 percent)

A glass of wine is what they think is the answer (13 percent) and body functions of someone else will be interesting to you (28 percent) and your house will be messy all the time. Stains in your carpet, sofas, etc will be permanent because of lack of time cleaning it.

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Some mothers also don’t know that breastfeeding will be hard, hurtful at first and they thought that it is just a piece of cake. Some parents also think that they would be able to breastfeed or take care of their child anywhere (28 percent). And some think that they would share everything with their spouse 50/50. (32 percent)

Half of the new parents still believe that having a family would be a perfect experience (48 percent). Some also believe that having a baby makes them closer to each other’s partner. (41 percent)

However, there are parents that claim that having a baby is a “doodle”.

And the majority of the parents felt that social media are making them competitive to other parents and with 22 percent saying that they feel pressured about being the “perfect parent”

New parents moan too much after having a child (40 percent). And some didn’t expect that leaving the house would become a military operation (43 percent) and some parents are shocked that it is even harder to stay with their children than to work outside (31 percent).



Others also stated that they always feel tired (39 percent of the parents) and even going to the bathroom in peace is just only a thing in the past. (38 percent) But the main concern of most parents was development, (27 percent of parents worried about this), feeding (22 percent) and sleeping ( 9 percent).

AVEENO Baby commissioned a poll of over 1,500 parents that stated the importance of baby wipes and you cannot understate it. And 41 percent of the parents discover that it is not just for baby’s buttons but it can make life easier because of its other uses.

According to Rebecca Bennett, AVEENO baby skin expert, If you become a parent, it is an amazing experience but we realized that being in this new chapter of your life can also be a great deal of stress and worry, so, discovering more about what new parents experience in the first years of their child and what they wish they have known before becoming a parent and how best we can support them.

“From what you feed your baby to what you put on to their skin, Every small decision becomes bigger and worrisome and you may feel that you are not making right choices and the fact that other people are judging you.

The confidence to feel that you are making the right choices for your baby’s overall health to what you put on their skin is what we want to give new parents. So that they can feel more in control on this part of their new journey and a new path of discovery.



Love Makes It All Worthwhile

You can never grow tired of staring at your baby (35 percent). Even if having a baby is harder than having your own full-time job, it is definitely a worthwhile experience. Especially seeing your baby smile of you after a long tiring of taking care of your child, after all the work suddenly fees that your effort is worth it.

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